Who’s there?

Interesting bits over here: http://dreamflesh.com/library/tom-cheetham/after-prophecy/

“There are deep connections between ascesis and aesthesis, between conscious and careful renunciation and attention to the beauty and animation of the world.”

And helpful, that.  Because little did I know, on that last post, what was coming.  Total volcano…

It seems not to be ground state, for me, but swell state — a where in the general flux.

Last week I utterly lost my where, and circumstances made me literally, violently ill.  How do you let it out?  Who possesses the Qigong of letting it move, directing channeling it on through you?

Emotion: The dictionary is pitiful, here.  Middle French, to set in motion.  But you know when it’s there — and all you know is, you’re being moved.

P.S.  The working theory, right now, being POP’s Emotion as Field.  And as I sit here, mulling my volcano and July’s Pele throwdown and how to describe this after-aftershock September, POP calls me for the first time on the phone.  Imagine that.



~ by Arrrow Marie on September 8, 2008.

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