Puppy Lub.

I’ll admit it. 

I’ve been reduced to watching the Puppy Cam all afternoon.  Nothing beats it for having to stare at a screen for hours while you listen to Sinhalese calls.

Bus conversation this morning: about this news blurb that an Oregon town, of all places, has elected the first “tranny” mayor.  I thought he was ftm, but I was wrong.  Tristan remarked that people would be less likely to elect a mtf politician, because they’re generally more “weird lookin.”  I dunno about that…although it reminds me of something.  Forgive me, I can’t help it: I have antm on the brain, cuz the new one’s on (the internets) tongiht OMG!  Anyway, we were watching this episode back when I got sucked back into it because there was a mtf contestant and she was bringing all sorts of shit outta the other girls, it was fascinating.  So she was swimming in the pool with this other girl, who was the only one to actually engage her out of the bunch.  And you could see the power of the idea coming over this girl, the idea of owning and crafting and exuding one’s identity, exploding her idea of femininity, and she tells the mtf girl “It’s like you’re a butterfly!”  Completely overcome with the wonder of it.  What a lovely thing to say.  Flash forward: the mtf couldn’t hang.  But the girl who saw it, and who got it, becomes infected with the idea and goes through this total transformation herself.  I think of Paglia saying that gay men are the last bastion of classic femininity.  I think I’ll call this phenomenon ftf.  Like I said, fascinating.

FtF is most definitely not in the dictionary.


~ by Arrrow Marie on November 14, 2008.

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