Honey in my tea

Focky Bocky is covered in fog this morning. 

Can I remember this dream before it slips out?  Let’s see:

In a house that is kind of Mom’s, and kind of Grammie’s, and kind of neither.  There was action all the way up to the end that I remembered on waking, but I mostly remember the end now.  Gary’s there – I can’t remember his parts.  Jennifer the social worker is getting chemo from a push-syringe and doesn’t have hair, she sits in a wheelchair in the kitchen and closes her eyes.  Linda Veith dies and she’s just a bunch of meat under someone’s arm – this seems natural, I’m not worried by it.  I look out the front door and Po is out sniffing around to the right, near the driveway.  I go out to get her and call her in.  We look up and there are four or five sea lions on the front lawn, hanging out.  Po walks up to sniff them and this agitates the sea lions, and maybe Po gets snippy too, but I call her over and we keep our distance.  Then I’m back, standing on the lawn, and look down to see the entire lawn is covered as far as I can see with squishy little brown creatures!  The sea lions have spawned!  I’m stepping on them!  I stand still and look down.  The creatures are very shiny and kinda slimy, like a cross between some alien baby sea creature and a mushroom.  I go inside and yell excitedly and enthusiastically to everyone: I have to show you something!  Come outside!  I want them all to see how crazy and cool this is.

This recalls two previous dreams.  This is the second recent dream I’ve had in which I’m in childhood territory with Po, we discover otherwordly creatures, she tries to make contact but is warned away.  The other time they were cartoony floppy Mayan/plant dudes.  And then there’s the ground being covered in little squishy creatures — when I was a kid I dreamed once that the whole lawn of our house was covered in a sea of little frogs and I had to step on them to get out of the car and into the house and this terrified me.  These little alien-sealion-mushroom babies don’t scare me at all, though…

Okay.  Work now.


~ by Arrrow Marie on March 6, 2009.

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