Step Right Up


Today flew by until about 4, when it ground to a halt.  Then, at about 4:30, a rush of giddiness so powerfully giggly I had to leave work and drive to get a hot chocolate.  Absolutely mandatory — I dragged Kass with me, and she told me how she bouffs her bangs so puffy.  Mmm, bouffy hair AND hot chocolate, all in a new dress? On a Monday?!  Earlier I was listening to this jolly British fellow ramble on about offerings and altars.  I like his voice.  It seems some offerings are in order.  I did make a little space last night — this fellow, he says altars are about boundaries and making special space.  Also, that this is a magic to trick you into acting appropriately, but really it’s “bullshit” because there is no boundary and life is all sacred space, all the time.  I have been describing my recent ongoing flux as “like I have no boundaries,” but I rather like it that way.  I’ve never been one for setting up and tending specific altars, precisely for this reason — all the space bleeds together and what does it mean, that this shit on this scarf is totally sacred but this other shit next to it is not?  I don’t feel it that way.  I tend to strew reminders, anchors, gateways, whatever you want to call them all through my space, all around me.  I am positively draped.  My way, I am figuring out, requires a hell of a lot more of me now in terms of intent and discipline, but it’s nice to have the internet cough up a reminder that I am not crazy, just a little bit lazy.  But I am paying attention.

Funny, I didn’t mean to write about this at all.  Today I was reminded of my old theory that the internet is nothing but a big serendipity engine.  Well — maybe life is a serendipity engine, so maybe the internet is a serendipity accelerator.  I am super grateful that my new internet friend randomly threw out this reminder to me as well.

One more hour, and then I will be at the mall picking up my new glasses!  A couple more hours, and I hope to log some real writing time, not from work.  We shall see.

P.S: Two new interpreters today with THE coolest names.  A Portuguese speaker named Magna.  A Chinese interpreter named Psyche Law-Man.  Yesssss.

Giddy: (Ok, first, who knew “giddy” has a primary meaning of “dizzy, affected by vertigo”?)  Origin:
bef. 1000; ME gidy, OE gidig mad (as var. of *gydig), deriv. of god God, presumably orig. “possessed by a divine being”

Woha!  I need to make a post sometime about how much I fucking love Middle English.  Wyrd.


~ by Arrrow Marie on March 16, 2009.

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