Dreamed I got in a huge argument with Grandma about whether D.A. is on “hard drugs.”  There was more, but it’s gone now Wait, I remember now!  It was a setting like a cross between railroad tracks and Big Thunder Mountain roller coaster.  And maybe a little (a wee little bit) Haunted Mansion, although there was nothing spooky or ghosty or mansiony about it — just like a fancy room crossed with that dusty-tan-stucco-cave-structure shit.  It doesn’t really feel theme parky, although there are people waiting behind me.  I sit on this small wooden square that is rigged to fit smoothly into the oiled railroad tracks.  There’s no room for my legs, although that doesn’t occur to me in the dream.    I am getting on in the middle of the tracks, so I haven’t been on the previous hill, so I don’t have much momentum to carry me over the next little hill.  It’s a very little hill, like on a kiddie roller coaster now that I think about it.


I’ve to get better about not taking thirty minutes just to wake up enough to get out of bed.  Although, in my favor, my alarm totally just didn’t go off this morning (despite that, upon investigation, it said “7:00 am: on”) — and I woke up on my own at 7:30 sharp, no annoying beep!  Yay.

Katya is all sad and generally bummed that she’s not good company and her dogs are an anxiety attack waiting to happen and won’t leave me alone.  I tried to make her understand that it’s worth it because having the whole gorgeous upstairs room to myself, AND a bathtub, AND a giant bed, is an impossible luxury right now.  Oh well.  One more night there — where to next?


My nails are this fabulous matte hot purple color.  (Hi Ari: I hope your radioactive sea-foam polish turned out as brilliantly!)  I finally turned the bottle upside-down last night to see what they call this impossible color.  It’s called DREAM.


Goddammit, wordpress just ate the rest of this post.  Now I have to type it again.


Wondering last night about the connection between Solace and Solitude.  Let’s see:


Solas: [Middle English solas, from Old French, from Latin sōlācium, from sōlārī, to console.]  


[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin sōlitūdō, from sōlus, alone; see s(w)e- in Indo-European roots.]


Solas vs Solus.  I love making this shit up.  That means their common denominator is Sol: The Big Fiery Cheese himself, comforting and alone.  Like Zatoichi.  Who is a sun god, if you didn’t notice.  They never mention this, but it’s true.  I promise.


~ by Arrrow Marie on March 19, 2009.

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