Marine Layer

I can’t say how good it feels to be back at my mom’s laptop, a post-party late-afternoon morning alone in DA’s room.

Powerful strange night last night and wonderful and the best time I’ve ever had at Avalon. Crazy energy on the drive over — it’s not home until I’m in the backseat with wind and music and my brother weaving the freeways. Outside at the bar, for a while I keep thinking “it’s about to rain!” only to realize that’s just the air here at night. Alexandro reminds me it’s called Marine Layer.

I stick out among the girls at Avalon and in the past this just annoyed me and bored me and I had no stomach for beer. Barring one sexy occasion and some long-ago nights of cocaine retardation, a poor time is usually had by all. Last night was like Orange County welcoming me back in my new consciousness by matching every card I laid down, and raising me some. I’d been thinking on heavy archetypal shit for a couple long days, real idea-fusion action. Fairly often I find myself in quasifairyland scenarios, everyday scenes shifting just slightly into the Weird, a curtain goes up. Last night was this, with four or five boys running around on acid and dominating conversations amping that Weird up into Wyrd. I don’t know how to describe it besides a fuckin archetype playground. (I’m still sorry to be using that word, which I avoided for so long, but it’s unavoidale now. We’ll go through that word and find a better one eventually.)

I don’t put out the saucy girl vibe all the other girls there do. The two running around harassing everything in a skirt, taking endless pictures and basking in the angry feedback — they don’t come near me. I play a different game, and at one word from me these boys freak out and hastily retreat, I’m like a ghost to them after that. I sit a foot away and watching intently as they slosh themselves around for anyone to see and I’m like a ghost. I have the next boy who talks to me freaking out within two minutes, loudly defending his heteromacho whatever — guess I touched a nerve. But I also have him laughing, and within a couple more minutes he’s advocating male skirts. I like this other game.
The next boy who talks to me was actually talking to me before — a smiling guy showing me his new gold heart lockets, sweetly tripping in the corner while his friends make assholes of themselves. When he can talk more he finds me and we talk our way into whatever conversation is trying to happen. The one person at this party I feel an actual warm, grounded vibe with, no games to be played. Finally he asks me about my necklace, which I’m then obliged to exlain was my Mom’s. His eyes go all wide and he lost his father around the same time — “I can relate to you then,” he says. I mention that I lost my dad two years ago — trying to explain that I can relate to that, too, the thought of how different it is with each parent being the first to spring to mind. I think he almost takes it as a one-upsmanship though, and it sounds awkward. Games in the way. Still we have more nice talk until the bar closes and he has to corral his trip-mates — Nick, can you believe I asked him his name three times? It’s the framboise. Maybe we’ll run into each other again sometime.

On the way home, burritos from Gammy’s, which is painted like it’d be Greek, except it’s lovingly enshrined with all sorts of mesoamerican statues and pictures — with a giant jolly buddha and some saints thrown in for good measure — solid counterparts to the pictures I’d been cutting out all afternoon for collages. Up till 5. We planned to hit the DMV by 9 this morning, and of course wake up around 1. Still, in and out in half an hour and now it’s a lovely cloudy breeze through DA’s window while he trucks to costa mesa and back. I’m all smelly in my clothes from last night and unusually relaxed — the neck/shoulder kink I developped at gramma’s yesterday was miraculously gone halfway through my night at the bar. It looks like I may be chillin (haha: sweating, more like) out here for the summer in my own studio — Santa Ana would be the perfect place for the reliquarium. There are a lot of projects on hold, but that one’s been on hold for the longest. And everything is dovetailing to put me out here in a space best suited to that one. So it looks like that’s settled. I’ll tour some buildings soon and scope it out.

I forgot which word wanted to be defined in this post. Maybe it’ll come back later. Time to go practice my circle of fifths on the piano!


~ by Arrrow Marie on April 24, 2009.

One Response to “Marine Layer”

  1. Great words. It’s good to find thoughts that aren’t forced like most of the world.
    Thanks Ghost Girl. 😉

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