Brighter than a lucky penny…

…is the Blackfoot Lucky Penny a homeless dude once gave me, which I unpacked along with the rest of the special trinkets in the very last box. Last night I spent the evening on the roof, happily alone, and watched all the many different fireworks shows all around.

It feels good to be this tired. It is tiring work, I had to really ask myself if I wanted this job today. I got home with just enough ache in the muscles, the prospect of structured time a hard focus, and I said to myself, But of course I want this job. Why not work hard in the sun and make savings, rather than fuck around in an air conditioned cube to scrape by?

The two artists I worked with today — not the artists working OC, sadly — were both fabulous people. A young lady from Davis who manages a mushroom store (what does that even mean?) in San Francisco, who was big healthy friendly. The other was Cynthia — bless her heart — an older very free spirit. Unlike the difficult woman who trained me and buzzed about me telling me how to do everything, Cynthia took me aside and told me all her pearls of henna business wisdom in about two minutes flat, all of it graceful and sharp. She had the most reassuring touch, cool and steady. Right away she said, “I like your energy.” Later she asked how I was doing, said I was slouching and more down. I hadn’t noticed, and kind of apologized, to which she smiled, “No no. Just as an awareness thing.” She was warm and maternal toward me, and she had a lovely Texas twang. Thanks, Cynthia. Both ladies gave me a hug when I left, which was nice, seeing how busy they were and that we’ll never see each other again. Since it’s their word that’ll get me hired — I only saw the boss for forty seconds in all six hours — I’m not sweatin it. I’m gonna be sweatin it, if the OC fair artists aren’t half as cool.

Come to think of it, Cynthia was the name of the friend I made when I went to Pacifica. What up with making friends with Cynthias at interviews?

Let’s not do word of the day, let’s do a name.

First spin:
“Cynthia is a personal name of Greek origin (Κυνθία, Kynthía) meaning “from Mount Cynthus” on Delos island.”

Not much there. Except: when I got home I decided to check out Reality Sandwich, which I haven’t read in ages. Clicking around, I ended up reading something a friend wrote before we were friends, saying that in dreams often a small child’s consciousness is represented by Ancient Egyptians, that of an older child by Jewish figures, and beyond that by Ancient Greeks. She didn’t say what “beyond that” would mean, and I explicitly wondered what that would mean. Are these women from ancient Greece like those figures?

Second spin:
“Popular name derived from the Latin and Greek Kynthia, a name for Artemus, the mythological goddess of the moon and hunting and twin sister of Apollo.”
You don’t say! Artemis has had my back recently. I never before thought to put it together with recent solar revelations, as a brother sister thing. That’s definitely the dominant social mode of my life right now, the brother sister thing. In ten minutes we’re leaving to go see a movie called “Moon.” So there you go.


~ by Arrrow Marie on July 5, 2009.

One Response to “Brighter than a lucky penny…”

  1. Your studio is beautiful and so are you and I’m so happy you have all this gloriousness!!! I love you Kaeti! and miss you tons

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