Off work early tonight, and still it’s midnight before I’m home and at my desk. It’s hard to focus on anything outside the silence of my studio, which is like a long hot bath after twelve hours of screaming teenagers and carnival noise.

I’m gonna be covered in henna. I have to look the part when I ride the elephant — or that was the plan until I went and visited the elephants today, and one was all rolling her eyes and crazy looking while she walked in circles with three year olds on her back. Poor thing. Also, the skin on my arms is apparently genetically resistant to henna, so there goes the whole Indian Princess look.

Btw, it was pretty awesome to be in the presence of an elephant. I felt like a three year old, myself.

I want to keep writing. But more, I want to stretch.

The only word I could think to look up was Elephant, which has pretty much always been “elaphant.” But there’s an expression I’ve never heard:

To see the elephant “be acquainted with life, gain knowledge by experience” is an Amer.Eng. colloquialism from 1835.


~ by Arrrow Marie on July 11, 2009.

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