Monday is the new Sunday.

Even though today is my first day off. I think my “weekends” will include two Sundays. What the hell. They’re not even really weekends. It’s so satisfying to go out to brunch on a Monday.

Today was wonderful and although there were some money issues, by the nighttime DA and I were chillin and just talking like old friends for a couple hours.

He told me what he knows about our building, which is upwards of 90 years old and next door to the original Santa Ana Firehouse. Here’s the composite we put together:

Built in the twenties, it was originally a hotel. As brother said, “Yeah, the old hotel and firehouse.”

Charlie Chaplin got married on the roof.

Fatty Arbuckle used to hang around.

(Spellcheck wants that to be “Ar, buckle.”)

During World War Two, being a huge abandoned building a half mile from the train station and right along the tracks that run down to Camp Pendleton, the military used our basement to store dead bodies being shipped home. Glen, the copper-green troll who lives in the basement, has seen ghosts.

Sometime thereafter it was renovated and turned into the Advertising Arts office building.

Since the sixties or seventies it’s been as it is now, artists’ live/work space.


~ by Arrrow Marie on July 13, 2009.

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  1. Hello!

    I stumbled onto your blog when I clicked on the tag “books” (I believe that was what I clicked on lol). Then I just started looking at random blogs on the page and found yours. 🙂

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