No swords in the boat.

Today was full of TCB .


Even got in a bit of cello, the first since the show. Love it.

Tonight I did two readings that came out much fuller and clearer than what’s been normal for quite some time, so I’m pleased about that. Every time I throw down — especially when I make the sitter give their own understanding — I learn tons of new perspectives. And each time I do this directional spread, based on the medicine wheel stuff I was/am working with, it gets better and better. Almost time to add a new layer. Love it.

And I love getting readings from people who “don’t know how to read.” Always accurate.

Shopping, Katie found the new centerpiece of my wardrobe. Fringe vest, baby. Half-length. Love it.

Are we all in agreement that August is the best month of the year? August is always a wonder. Last Hurrah Moon.

Last night I dreamed…

“some dream about being in the NorthEast, close to Maine. I’m driving/riding/walking around some network of small towns, houses and trees and roads, where I have an appointment for a manicure (pedicure?) but it’s closing time soon, I might miss it. I speak with an older indigenous man and he tells me the story of their peak, a beautiful high white mountaintop. I see it panned as if on camera, brilliant blue day-sky behind its shining craggy snowy white, a strong feeling of “north like Maine,” and north being up. The man’s story is so touching that I am moved gently to tears.”

Recent dreams — since being sick — have very clear location and directional awareness. This is a new and very sweet development. Maybe an emanation from the Cosmic Collage, which is sitting on my floor again, a big vortex magnet with a compass in its middle. Love it.

I’m fond of the word, Compass:

1. an instrument for determining directions, as by means of a freely rotating magnetized needle that indicates magnetic north.
2. the enclosing line or limits of any area; perimeter: You can find anything you want downtown within the compass of ten square blocks.
3. space within limits; area; extent; range; scope: the narrow compass of the strait; the broad compass of the novel.
4. Also called range. the total range of tones of a voice or of a musical instrument.
5. due or proper limits; moderate bounds: Their behavior stayed within the compass of propriety.
6. a passing round; circuit: the compass of a year.
7. Often, compasses. an instrument for drawing or describing circles, measuring distances, etc., consisting generally of two movable, rigid legs hinged to each other at one end (usually used with pair of): to spread the legs of a compass and draw a larger circle.
8. (initial capital letter) Astronomy.
a. Also called Mariner’s Compass. the constellation Pyxis.
b. Compasses, the constellation Circinus.

9. curved; forming a curve or arc: a compass timber; compass roof.

Compass the adjective!

10. to go or move round; make the circuit of: It would take a week to compass his property on foot.
11. to extend or stretch around; hem in; surround; encircle: An old stone wall compasses their property.
12. to attain or achieve; accomplish; obtain.
13. to contrive; plot; scheme: to compass a treacherous plan.
14. to make curved or circular.
15. to comprehend; to grasp, as with the mind: His mind could not compass the extent of the disaster.

1250–1300; (v.) ME compassen < OF compasser to measure < VL *compāssāre, equiv. to compāss(us) equal step (L com- com- + pāssus pace 1 ) + -āre v. suffix; (n.) ME compas < OF, deriv. of compasser

Recently a dear friend alerted me to the "compass" in "compassion," which is my new favorite because-i-say-so etymology.

Compassion as a compassing. Not com+passion, a shared suffering (as Dictionary says), but an "equal step." I can navigate to where you are. I'll use that star.


~ by Arrrow Marie on August 4, 2009.

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