This afternoon I drove with DA to his practice at a house in the Back Bay. The dude who lives there and his drummer girl-friend are positively adorable. And while they all played, I put on my new sparkly orange crochet string bikini and had a huge gorgeous saltwater pool to myself. I spent a long time laying out on the floaty loungy raft with bougainvillea petals stuck to my toes letting the wind blow me around and soaking up sun and watching clouds and birds and airplanes.

My belly hasn’t seen that much sunshine in lord knows how long…it felt so good I didn’t even care that I got sunburned. And I did get sunburned. I was surprised to look in the mirror and see color where it’s never been.

And also a big sunglasses-size ring around my eyes. Score.

Middle English, revelry, from Old French, from rever, to dream.


~ by Arrrow Marie on August 19, 2009.

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