This morning I woke up and three things were happening. A good friend of my mom’s was taking me to breakfast. My computer was acting possessed (ever since it randomly crashed it turns itself on and then off, on and then off, over and over as long as it’s plugged in). And I knew I was about to have a major abscess problem and had to go to the dentist.

Breakfast with Linda was okay, very “keep in touch.” The first thing she says when I sit down is, “So! What are you doing with your life!” “Uh…let me get some coffee in me first?”

Then I bought a new power source for the sick computer. As yet uninstalled.

At the dentist’s – a lady Kristin just recommended to me yesterday and who I meant to pass on to another friend – the dentist poked around and got all concerned and said the tooth’d have to come out, now. An hour later she gave me some shots and, after much more concern, handed me my nasty tooth.

I got home, and DA was ready to talk about all sorts of heavy stuff – it makes me feel so peaceful that we’re finally talking. We just sat down and talked a long time, he all shiny and me with my mouth full of blood and cotton.

Later, I was thinking how much better it felt in that part of my mouth, a lot of pressure I hadn’t even realized was pressure there, I was so used to it.

I realize suddenly that my wisdom-socket doesn’t hurt anymore, the pain just faded. And right then Tristan calls me up.

Tristan: Kaeti! What’s up?
Kaeti: I got my wisdom tooth taken out today!
Tristan: Well, guess what I’m getting taken out? My appendix!

Yes, that was Tristan in the hospital full of morphine calling me to say so, and I’m all fucked up in bed and dumbstruck with the sudden lack of hurtiness, and we both crack up laughing.


~ by Arrrow Marie on August 26, 2009.

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