Yesterday I went to give a gift and some things of Mom’s to one of her dear friends. I left them on her porch, and then the sea breeze did this thing that made me feel Mom around, light and peaceful. I drove down along the coast awhile, and at a stoplight got to thinking of Dad. I looked up and there was a bright blue balloon slowly drifting up into the sky. I watched it a while — then the light changed, and when I looked back the balloon was nowhere to be seen. I had all sorts of time to look for it — where’d it go?

A few nights ago DA spotted a huge black butterfly hanging out on our outside wall — I’d never seen one like this, nor one so big. As big as my outstretched hand, and all black except one fine horizontal yellow stripe. The next night I was looking up Indian moon names, and one name (Cherokee) for this one is Black Butterly Moon.

Last night I had a night swim inbetween hot-tubs. Cold and aqua light and the sky is a weird bruised-sunset purply-orange on all horizons.

Sean’s tipsy mom was holding court for a while, asking me if I’m working. I said, “I start grad school at the end of the month.” She looked at me all pouty and then laughed and said, kinda hanging on/dancing with the screen door, “You’re too brainy.” Then she looked all serious and consoling and said, “It’s gonna be okay, though. You’re gonna figure it out.” Total pity. She pities me for going to school? I had to laugh. What I wanna figure out is how to have a gorgeous pool and hot tub like she has, but actually use it.

At the bar, a middle-aged blond lady came up and said, very enthusiastically, “I looooooooove your tattoo. That’s a real tatoo. If you’re gonna get a tattoo, you get a real tattoo. That’s the way to do it.”

(Computer still down — tho I have a new power switch and a soldering iron say it shouldn’t be long now.)


~ by Arrrow Marie on September 5, 2009.

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