Dream update

carpinteria sunset

Last night I dreamed:

I am explaining to Tavi (the 13 year old who writes this five-star blog, Style Rookie) the plot of the old film, The Wicker Man. At first she’s quite disinterested, but I manage to explain the story in a way that’s both calm and inviting so by the end, she understands its meaning. Although I tell the whole story, the most important part is at the end where he actually goes into the wicker man. There is something about the ocean. And a part where I’m looking/touching through clothes, thinking “I’m gonna have the stylin’-est clothes!”

Not sure what to make of this, beyond appreciation for The Weird. I do know that I’m kind of obsessed with this song from the movie, which Ann Oxygen covers, called Please Come, Say How Do.

Back in May, I posted this dream.

5.24: Dreamed Grammie (great-grandma) went in a back bedroom to talk to D.A. and then came to the kitchen and told me that she’d helped him feel better about not being there with Mom when she died, helped him understand that he wasn’t there but she was, and that this was right because Grammie knows about dying. She tells me about it: “I died twice…(something I can’t remember)…Earl [her second husband] was in her bathroom.” In the dream I thought she was referring to Earl as a “her,” which is weird, to refer to your husband as a woman. We’re at a gathering, at some kind of grandma’s house that’s like a cross between various past houses of grammie’s/grandma’s. Grammie speaks to me very lovingly and very matter-of-factly. It’d been a long time since I dreamed of Grammie.

I never posted that afterwards, DA and I were having a rich long talk and I told him about this dream. Around the same time, he says he actually did dream that Grammie came to comfort him — and, later, a dream of her that involved her dying twice.

About a month ago, I dreamed Helen Keller sits atop a high chain-link fence with her brothers, under a blue sky on a prairie. She’s a young woman — soft short dark hair, serene, beautiful, confidant. The brothers are older, and maybe younger ones stand on the ground below. An older one or three sit on the fencetop with her, spaced out (i mean literally — not clustered together) — she is balanced, sitting up straight. She wears a muted dark blue dress. The older brothers are warm and protective toward her — not patronizing or controlling, but full of respect and reverence for her. She explains, a twinkle in her eye, “That’s not why I gave up my sight,” implying instead her mystical visions as the unspoken reason.

For a total gem of a read, and an exploration of much of Vegetarian Lovers’ territory, check out Amy’s piece about it on her dream blog.

Helen Keller and Annie Sullivan…Whoa Nelly!

Finally the sore throat of the century is receding.

Dinner tonight was fusion cuisine, Santa Ana style: Buccaneer Pizza crust dipped in Bangkok Taste coconut soup. If that doesn’t keelhaul your taste buds, go back for homemade avocado ice cream. You can bet I’ll find a reason to go try it before the week is out.


~ by Arrrow Marie on September 25, 2009.

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