Chippy has requested a new blog name. Every time I see him I find myself, afterward, needing to write. And since my last pen is out of ink, blogging it is. Why this need to write, afterward? There’s one answer I know. But there are others. To give this feeling a home away from home. To let it know it has a place here. To nurture its roots. To feed it to the structure, to give it to the structure, the structure is so hungry for its sweetness. To give it to the structure is to give it place. It means: I know how to go here. (You do, too.) This is not the place of the gray fire, but you can get here from there. Re-member.

That first answer I alluded to? I’m not gonna spell it out. But I’ll give you a piece of a dream:

I sit on Chippy’s big red easychair. He takes pictures of me on my phone. I sit up straight and self-possessed, arms draped over the back. My feet and ankles and legs are poised together, to the side, seductive. My ankles and lower calves are bound by a couple of rings — flexible, bright yellow and red, a colorful playful hint. The pose is not a pose, just nonchalant, part of the flow. It makes my feet look like mermaid-tail fins but strong, landly.

Obvs “Chippy” just isn’t working, as names go. This is no “Chippy.” Have we any contenders?




Random Word Generator (the best one being, amazingly, “Coyote Cult Random Word Generator.” Praise the all-mighty synchronicity amplifier we call the interwebs. Oh, and it gets better. Yes, it’s a pirate coyote — how’d you know?) says, in order:

“Trade name. Celibate. Veld. Witchery.”

Wait, “Veld?” What is veld?

Dictionary say: the open country, bearing grass, bushes, or shrubs, or thinly forested, characteristic of parts of southern Africa. To most South African farmers today the “veld” refers to the land they work, much of which has long since ceased to be “natural.”

Also, veldt.

1795–1805; < Afrik < D: field

While I like "veldt," it's not right either. We gotta go to "field."

And "field" is rich. Field is natural, field is manmade, field is sports, battle, physics, process, place, frame, potential, vocation, electromagnetic, psychologic… Field is verb, is open and varied and cultivating and playing. "A wide unbroken expanse."

Honorable mention goes to Field as "Numismatics: the blank area of a coin, other than that of the exergue."

Middle English, from Old English Feld. Probably related to O.E. folde, "earth, land," from P.Gmc. *felthuz "flat land," from PIE *pel(e)-tu-, from base *pele- "flat, to spread."

The new name will have to wait.

But as fields go, ours got Viriditas.


~ by Arrrow Marie on November 22, 2009.

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