Bones not in the earth are meant to rattle around

Gotta be some kinda practical joke that this time of year is the busiest.

I have a groovy feeling of capacity.

I love the modern world.

Here’s a line that came up twice today: choose your exposure.

El Senor Fantastico Renardo gave me shockwave shivers.

Three nights after bringing up Student Alliance days for the first time in ages — and that twice separately in one day! — I’m sitting with an old friend in from Sweden. Haven’t really talked to him since those days, and he’s telling me about the impact on him of what he called my bravery, and who should walk through the stripmall starbucks but the retired teacher advocate. With two friends from those days also randomly present. And then said friend’s new trans friend randomly walks by, the two of them having schemed for us all to meet not an hour before at work.

I’m telling you, dreams are now and waking too. There is inundation of information rushing among us constantly.

Sleeping too: I dreamed Friday night that my ex-boyfriend was alerting me to important information, and the following night that happened.

Last night, I dreamed I take an apple, one of the better looking ones. It’s flush and rosy pink, with some young green, and a small hole near where the stem sinks down into the core. There could be a worm in there. To find out, I submerge the apple in a glass of cool clear water. Through the water I can see something happening to the hole. It grows, and a moving organic form is slowly emerging, slow rosy flesh. The worm? No, another apple! The top of the original apple parts to make room for the base of this smaller apple, which is held atop it.


“Physics: The rate of change of velocity with respect to time.”

“Note: The most familiar kind of acceleration is a change in the speed of an object. An object that stays at the same speed but changes direction, however, is also being accelerated. (See force.)”

That means going round the wheel feels like acceleration, even though it’s constant vs time.

c.1525, from L. acceleratus, pp. of accelerare “quicken,” from ad- “to” + celerare “hasten,” from celer “swift” (see celerity).

Accelerate’s a pretty new word. celer doesn’t have any other English derivations. Italian’s more interesting.

celere, adjective: swift; corso celere: crash course.

celere, noun: police / riot squad.


~ by Arrrow Marie on December 27, 2009.

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